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I'm Elle Rene!

I'm a former professional athlete, health coach, and happiness enthusiast.  

Where to start? Well, I’ve always had way too much energy and happiness is my jam, mix that with a very determined mindset to accomplish incredible things and add way too much passion than anyone knows what to deal with, and you have me. I was a stubbornly determined kid, I wanted to have fun and be on stage and live my dreams, from the time I can remember. Around the age of 7, I decided that I was going to grow up to be a professional athlete. So, everyday I got to work towards that colossal goal. I was a 4-sport Varsity Letterman in high-school and went on to be a dual-sport Division 1 Collegiate Athlete. Swimming and Water Polo. After college, as promised, I went pro in water polo and got to travel the world in the process. I learned to speak French and wrote a book while I was away. I lived my dreams before I even turned 25 years old.

Coming home I knew I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained as an athlete, world traveler and dream live-er, so I started coaching. Swimming, water polo, volleyball, dance, barre, yoga, flexibility, how to get into college, how to land an interview, how to get the job, how to become a professional athlete and basically anything else people were struggling with. I coached efficiency, effective training techniques, health and happiness.

And I started to see a trend: health, happiness and success are completely intermingled, or at least they should be. I didn’t just want to teach people how to get in shape, I wanted to teach them how to enjoy the process. I didn’t just want to coach kids on how to get into college, but how to get into the college they would enjoy the most. For me, capability without enjoyment doesn’t make any sense, so I coached it all from a perspective of happiness first. And the results were incredible.

I’ve coached thousands of people from all over the globe, in multiple languages, but I can’t be everywhere at once. I wanted to be able to reach more people, at a more affordable price, and thus, I developed my online series of classes.

Healthy through the Holidays is our most recent online course starting on December 6, 2018. Head to our courses page to reserve your spot today!

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